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About Dental

The dental department at Al Salam hospital covers all the specialties of the age group of children, adults and the elderly. Our clinic is equipped to meet international quality standards and specialized infection control systems. All dental clinics are equipped with automatic sterilization units designed to ensure the cleanliness and sterilization of tools. Dental clinics at Al Salam hospital offer specialized quality care.

NMC Speciality Hospital Al Salam

Dr. Mohamad Waseem Karabala

Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Mohamad received his Bachelor`s Degree in Dentistry from the Faculty Damascus University, Syria in 1999. He received his Orthodontist Degree from the Ministry of Health in Syria in 2003. He obtained his Syrian Board in Orthodontic Treatment.
He worked in KSA as a Specialist in Orthodontic Treatment since 2005. He is Certificated in Lingual and Transparent Orthodontic Treatment. He started working in AlSalam Medical Group in 2009.

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